So you’re wanting
Indianapolis SEO, huh?


Ever searched for your services in Indianapolis only to find you aren’t on the first page? Frustrating, isn’t it.

Look…we get it. Your objective is to generate revenue for your business. You can do that a number of ways but the greatest long term strategy is search engine optimization. That’s why you’re here. You need Indianapolis SEO to improve leads and ultimately sales.

Here at BlueNorth Marketing we are focused on one thing – generating more leads for our clients. Whether that is more calls, customer walk-ins, or appointments, our focus is to be your SEO partner that knows what you do, what it takes to meet goals, and the plan to get your company to compete online and, ultimately, increasing your revenue.

Your customers are smart. If they need your services or product they go straight to Google. If you aren’t there capturing their attention within a few seconds, you’re missing out on sales and leads. It’s time to partner with an agency that can get you the results you need.

Our Process For Winning Indianapolis SEO

We take a straight-forward approach and provide transparency for your campaign. We’ve developed a process that works for the clients we choose to work with. We are selective with the clients we bring on – not because we think we’re better but because we want to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality service possible.

Once we’ve decided to work together, the first step in the process is Discovery. We dig deep into your current search engine optimization in Indianapolis. We look at the digital landscape in Indianapolis holistically and gather all the data that we can and prepare for the Planning phase.

Once we have as much data as possible we then start to plan out our strategy to be as effective as possible in order to reach your goals. Then we Implement. Implementation is when our team gets to work integrating the strategy into your current digital profile. After we’ve implemented we set our sights on Growth. This is when we really look at beating your competitors in Indianapolis. Not only do we want to meet your goals, we want to exceed them.

Indianapolis SEO Agency

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You’re here because you know that it’s competitive and challenging to rank for terms in the Indianapolis area without effective and high-quality SEO services. If you’re looking for and agency that works with service-based businesses like HVAC, construction, plumbers, pest control, and many more, then you’re in luck. We know you’ve heard other Indianapolis SEO agencies pitch you on how great they are but quite frankly – we don’t care. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh but our point is this – all we care about is getting your Indianapolis business results from our search engine optimization efforts.

So What Sets Us Apart From Other Indianapolis SEO Agencies?

We believe, rather we know, that an effective SEO campaign is needed to guarantee your company’s success. BlueNorth Marketing can help you develop and implement an effective SEO and content marketing strategy for your business in Indianapolis. There are plenty of other companies that claim to understand what they are doing but we can prove that we understand the methodologies and strategies it takes to rank businesses in Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Greenwood, Zionsville, Plainfield, and other surrounding cities. You see – we don’t just have a few hundred keywords that we have ranked for…we have thousands.

There are many reasons that SEO is essential to the success of your organization. For example, search-engine optimization (SEO) services helps your business to come up higher and more frequently in online searches. We can assist you and your business with Indianapolis SEO services. The techniques we make use of are 100% safe and long term. We never use anything that will hurt a site and avoid using methods that can work, but might get your site prohibited or punished in a couple of months. We focus on building your SEO in Indianapolis to be effective for years to come.

The Right SEO Strategy

If you’re searching for a SEO service business in Indianapolis to assist growing your company online, then we ask that you think about BlueNorth Marketing. Our agency uses a range of services including search-engine optimization (SEO) services, targeted content strategies and public relations outreach in Indianapolis and the surrounding cities. BlueNorth Marketing even offers Indianapolis Facebook advertising to generate an even greater amount of leads.

We are here to assist you with Indianapolis area SEO, so that customers in the area will be able to find your company online easily. SEO services, Facebook advertising, and marketing automation from BlueNorth Marketing will help your company reach a great deal of individuals faster and efficiently than what many other agencies can and, quite frankly, what even word of mouth can. The significance of our Indianapolis SEO services can not be downplayed.

SEO Services That Matter

BlueNorth Marketing primarily focuses on SEO to help grow your business. We do this because we believe that specializing in the field provides a higher rate of return for our clients. It’s like asking a HVAC or plumber to install a new floor. Sure, they may know how to do it but they will produce mediocre results at best. Why? Because that’s not their specialty. Same thing with us – we specialize in lead generation, more specifically SEO, Facebook advertising, and marketing automation. We know how to do a lot of other things…but we don’t offer those services because we don’t want you to settle for just mediocre.

So ask yourself this – why is it so important for your company to use an Indianapolis SEO agency? Well, with the still rather new field of called the internet, your company has to show up online in order to be competitive. A reliable online presence can assist your business keep existing clients as well as gain new ones. The very best way to make sure an effective online existence for your service is to employ a SEO agency that can offer services like SEO, Facebook advertising, and marketing automation.

Stability With Integrity

Many agencies focus on using a handful of keywords to rank your company in search engines. BlueNorth Marketing uses thousands of keywords. We do that by implementing a strong content plan that is based on and part of the overall SEO strategy.

We also like to mention that BlueNorth Marketing is a Christian based company. We believe that our belief system sets us apart from other SEO companies in Indianapolis. We aren’t saying we have a “holier than thou” attitude. All we are saying is that we usually approach campaigns differently because we want to make sure we honor what we believe.

Local SEO Minded

When it comes to beating your competitors with SEO we do so with a variety of Indianapolis local SEO tactics. With your business in Indianapolis, BlueNorth provides your company with content geared towards the Indianapolis market. Regardless of whether it’s images for your website, blog posts, guest posts, press releases, or videos, we make sure that your content is optimized specifically for Indianapolis and the surrounding cities.

What Our Clients Think

It’s one thing for us to say we’re good. It’s another to hear it directly from our clients.