We use our process for each client because it has been proven to work. At a high level our process includes four phases: Discovery, Planning, Implementation, and Growth.

SEO Discovery


The discovery phase is research intensive. It includes client input, on-site audit, local ecosystem analysis, competitive research, keyword research, and off-site evaluation. This helps us better understand what your brand represents, your current digital marketing efforts, and the competitive landscape.


Based off of the information gathered during discovery, the planning phase allows us to use the data collected to map out what strategies, tactics, and actions that are needed. The end result of planning is clearly defined, actionable steps that will result in a successful campaign.

SEO Planning
SEO Implementation


After we’ve planned out the digital marketing campaign and documented the steps needed, our team begins to implement them. We track everything to make sure the campaign is flexible enough to adapt to external data. We also begin to position the campaign for growth.


Once tactics are implemented and the strategy is in place, we begin to analyze the data so that we can adjust for growth. We identify opportunities for growth within the campaign so that we are able to produce the maximum amount of leads possible.

SEO Growth